Pine Needle Details

Botanical Name: Pinus Silvestris

Country of Origin: Hungary

Plant Part: Needle

Method: Steam Distilled

Fragrance: crisp, fresh, sweet

Blends Well With: cajeput, citronella, clary sage, coriander, cypress, eucalyptus, frankincense, galbanum, juniperberry, lavender, myrrh, rosemary, spikenard, tea tree

Aromatherapeutic Uses: cuts and abrasions, wounds, headlice, scabies, excessive perspiration, arthritis, gout, muscular aches and pains, poor circulation, rheumatism, respiratory ailments, cystitis, colds and flu, fatigue, stress-related disorders

Cautions: Avoid if history of prostate cancer or high blood pressure. May irritate sensitive skin.

Flashpoint: 42° C.