Essential Oils - CO2's

CO2 extracts, like absolutes, are solvent extracted products. The key difference is that the solvent in this case is simply CO2, or Carbon Dioxide. Obviously, carbon dioxide is a gas under normal atmospheric conditions, but under certain conditions of low temperature and high pressure, Carbon Dioxide can be forced to become a liquid. In the liquid phase, CO2 is a good solvent for extracting out the aromatic molecules from plants. Once the desired extraction is complete, the extraction vessel is brought back to normal atmospheric conditions and the CO2 rapidly converts back to a gas and dissipates, leaving behind a very high quality aromatic product that is the true, unchanged essence of the plant and completely free of solvent.

CO2 Selects - obtained at lower pressures, more closely compare to the volatility of essential oils since less of the heavier waxy materials are extracted.

15 ml Rosehip Seed CO2
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1 oz Rosehip Seed CO2
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2 oz Rosehip Seed CO2
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1 ml Rosemary CO2 Select
15 ml Rosemary CO2 Select