Rosehip Seed Details

Botanical Name: Rosa Canina

Country of Origin: Yugoslavia

Plant Part: Rosehip seed

Method: CO2 Total extraction (Obtained at higher pressures to get out the volatiles along with the heavier molecules and plant waxes that would not be seen in essential oils)

Class: fatty acid triglyceride

Fragrance: floral, chocolate-like

Blends Well With: bergamot, cardamom, clove, fennel, galbanum, geranium, ginger, lemon, mandarin, neroli, patchouli, pepper, sandalwood, tangerine, vetiver, ylang ylang

Aromatherapeutic Uses: skin care (most skin types), dry skin, anti-wrinkle, acne, neurodermititis, scaly/chapped skin, reduces scarring

Cautions: Photo-toxic.